Ten Principles of Tolerance

Ten Principles of Tolerance
By Sydney Emeritus Rabbi Dr Raymond Apple

  • I will honour all human beings regardless of colour, race or religion.
  • I will defend my neighbour against prejudice or discrimination.
  • I will live in a spirit of tolerance, friendship and understanding.
  • I will reject any philosophy of racism whoever proclaims it.
  • I will protest against every expression of prejudice.
  • I will refuse to heed those who seek to set group against group or religion against religion
  • I will not be part of any organisation that stands for racism or prejudice
  • I will identify with all who spread tolerance and reconciliation.
  • I will do more than liver and let live: I will live and help live.
  • I will not be deflected from this purpose even by fear of intimidation or¬†victimisation.