Support the No Place for Hate Campaign

Cape Town Interfaith Initiative has pledged its support of the No Place for Hate Campaign, and we invite you to do the same! 

We pledge to do everything in our power to promote peace and understanding between people of diverse faiths and belief systems. We will live our truth, choosing always the path of love, compassion and respect.

Make your pledge:

This message is simple – there can be no space for hatred in South Africa.

We live in a country with constitutional ideals which echo our commitments to shared humanity, dignity, freedom and life.

Through “No Place for Hate”, we will fight hatred directed against anyone to combat a culture of racism, antisemitism and prejudice in our country.

Show your support for the campaign in either a personal or professional capacity. It’s totally free and you get to use the campaign logo to publicly show you are actively supporting No Place for Hate in South Africa.

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