Unitarians practise a style of religious living and worshipping which encourages people to discover themselves. It is a style which is concerned for the integrity of the relationships which we have with others, with the environment and with the universe. The moral climate of a Unitarian community might be described as ‘reverence for life’ and its worshipping atmosphere as ‘celebration of life’.

Unitarians are under no external pressure from creed, doctrines and dogmas, scripture or church. The emphasis is on being true to oneself. Unitarians admire, and strive to emulate the lives of those who show us how to be true to ourselves, such as Jesus, the Buddha, Mohammed, Gandhi and countless others, but the relevance of the life and teachings of such individuals is a matter of personal decision.

Unitarians accept that religion is open to change and development in the light of new thought and discovery, and they recognise that people use words in different ways, so that religious language which is helpful to one person is limiting to another. What unites Unitarians, whatever their personal religion, is a common concern for the quality of life which they revere and celebrate in their gatherings and as a community.

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