Interfaith Pilgrimage in District Six

The Annual Interfaith Pilgrimage on Reconciliation Day took place in District Six. Organised by Faith leaders in District Six, Cape Town Interfaith Initiative, the Jewish Board of Deputies, the Groote Kerk and The Restitution Foundation.

The walk acknowledged the injustices, pain, and deprivation in the area and hoped to bring light and healing to the communities, uniting them with respect and dignity.

Sheikh Moerat warmly welcomed the 2-300 pilgrims of all cultures, faiths, ages in the Muir Street Mosque, giving a brief history of his community and the mosque celebrating its centenary this year.

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Walking on to the New Apostolic Church next, Minister Mike Van Hagt was thrilled to welcome us and give the story of his changing congregants in the area, and the development of the church. Like Sheikh Moerat he also prayed for the group and the Day and peace for the future in this area.

To the wonderful singing of the choir we moved on our way up the hill to Zonnebloem Estate. John Ramsdale gave a fascinating and amusing history of the College, celebrating 160 years of existence. He highlighted some of the outstanding past pupils, and judging from the ovation this was so appreciated.

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Back down Hanover Street we headed for the Moravian Hill, we made new friends, listening to stories and reflecting on what we had heard. Sitting under the shade on the lawns outside the Moravian Church we enjoyed some refreshment and Bishop Augustus Joemath concluded the morning.

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Pilgrims were impressed visiting the different Houses of worship and learning more history they were not aware of in their own City.

Written by Mary Frost – December 2019