Fr John Oliver Memorial Lecture

The John Oliver Memorial Lecture

Fr John Oliver was one of the founders of CTII in 2000, he was a visionary and an activist. His vision was for a world of peace and harmony for all. His activism was practical – mediating conflict, bridge-building at multiple levels, leading and teaching for a deeper awareness of divine love.

The memorial lecture for Fr John Oliver is to honour his memory and the energy he embodied as one of the founders of the Cape Town Interfaith Initiative and a leader in building the foundation for the interfaith landscape in the Western Cape. 

The CTII pledges to “make space for discovery by opening a never closing conversation”.

 The lecture is hoped to be an annual event in that ongoing conversation – in the context of promoting interfaith understanding, harmony and co-operation through both an awareness of universal spirituality and an honouring of the dignity of difference.

The intention for the lecture is to create a space for thought-leaders who are guiding the way in relation to interspirituality, interfaith cooperation, peace and justice.

Previous Lectures: 

2018: A Conversation with Rev Cynthia Bourgeault, Wilhelm Verwoerd and Zanele Khumalo (Watch here:

2017: “Spirituality, Science and a Universal Path of Divine Love – Belonging to God” – William Keepin, PhD (Gender Equity and Reconciliation International).  

 2015: “Interfaith Dialogue – an imperative for our time” – Fr. Christopher Clohessy.(Read here:

 2014: “Breaking Open South Africa’s Soul – the Call for Compassion in Our Society” – Rev Prof Peter Storey. (Read here: