Race and South Africa’s Faith Sector – IJR Roundtable Discussion

DqsFHvYWoAAQJ_lCTII Executive Board Member, Ayanda Nabe, spoke on a panel, hosted by the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation on the theme of ‘Race and South Africa’s Faith Sector’.

The panel addressed some key questions such as,

Does the community understand the role it ought to play in the fight against racism in a manner that is shared across its traditional boundaries? If religion in general is understood as the peace-maker in society, then in our context how far is the sector from fulfilling this role in the fight against racism? What is the nature of its engagement with policy regulations that govern the practice of religion in ways that do not contribute to racism and rather to its demise from society? (IJR)

The discussion was an important one because it gave an opportunity to share so many perspectives, deepening understanding and giving us all hope of a shared road to meaningful healing. Thank you to the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation for inviting CTII to be part of this discussion.

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